Wallace Colvard is an artist working in fine art printmaking as expressed through digital media, using pure math, photography and digital collage.

With an educational background in both graphic design and computer science at North Carolina State University before there was a recognized field of computer graphics, he then worked as a digital commercial artist for over 40 years in the fields of textile design, television art direction, film animation and live action visual effects. He contributed his visual style to many major companies, such as NBC (where he won seven Emmys), Disney, DreamWorks, Sony and other specialty firms.

Now living in the desert, he is free to pursue his own goals, his own vision free of commercial restraints. In his work he uses a number of mathematical and logical and layering techniques to create works that make the eye dance and the mind dream, based on his world travel images, memories, creative imagination and life experiences.

Individual works are commonly the product of several thousand lines of code each. These are all unique pieces. They are available as high-resolution museum quality one-of-a-kind prints, and while some designs will be run in different color schemes or sizes, no one piece in a specific color scheme or size will ever be duplicated except for an Artists Proof.